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Rainbow High is an animated series which features characters from the doll franchise attending school at Rainbow High.

There are currently 18 episodes released of Season 1, 3 of Season 2, and 21 episodes released overall.


The existence of the series was first teased by the official Rainbow High Instagram account, replying to comments from fans wondering if a cartoon was in preparation since the commercial videos of Series 1 feature CGI-animated scenes. It was said that the cartoon would be coming in fall, without further information. On August 31st, a trailer was published on YouTube and Instagram, with the caption "The first day of school is almost here. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 COMING SOON!". Later, they changed the name of the trailer on their YouTube Channel to showcase the premiere date of October 2nd, 2020.

On February 24th, Netflix announced that the first season would arrive on Netflix on March 29th.


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Episode list

Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name Video Plot Airdate
1 When the GLAM Hits The Fan Rainbow High Episode 1.jpeg Welcome to the first day of RAINBOW HIGH, the number one visual arts high school anywhere! Join Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, Violet and Bella as they give you the INSIDE SCOOP to all the FASHION, FUN and DRAMA that goes down at their new school. Watch to find out what happens next because this semester is gonna be a WILD RIDE. October 3, 2020
2 The Prize at the End of the Rainbow Episode 2.jpeg Our girls tackle their first team-bonding moment: The G.L.A.M. Slam! It’s an all-out scavenger hunt through the halls of Rainbow High, with lots of clues and NOT a lot of time. Our girls are gonna learn alllll about each other, AND, if they solve all the clues before time runs out, they’re in for a BIG surprise! Let’s go Bella, Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, and Violet! October 16, 2020
3 Poppy Rowan, Keepin’ the Beats Goin' Poppy Rowan Keeps The Beats Goin’.jpeg Poppy has to create a SICK playlist for the A's by the end of the school day! Will she finish her mix, impress the prefects, and select the best runway outfit before the last bell!? Get ready for the most MUSICAL episode of Rainbow High EVA! 🎶 October 30, 2020
4 The Gr8 Hairscape Episode 4.jpeg After receiving feedback from Violet, Poppy, & Skylar about their runway looks, Jade struggles to find the time to finish the others! But Ms. Morton has an EPIC idea that will help our girls work together: a Salon Escape Room Challenge! Will they make a GR8 Hair-scape? Or crumble under the pressure? Remember: without teamwork, you’re all toast! 😱 November 13, 2020
5 Double Date Disaster Episode 5.jpeg The A's Color Block Party is about to be LIT! And our girls need to impress the A's with their outfits! But PLOT TWIST--Ruby has a date & she wants to look EXTRA FLY! After taking a sneak peek in Avery Style's Fashion Studio, our girls are dressed to impress for the Prefects' Party! What will happen on Ruby & Skyler's double date? Will sparks fly between Ruby & her new boy? November 27, 2020
6 Gurlfriend Take Over Girlfriends.jpeg After discovering that Ruby's date to the A's Color Block Party is her boyfriend Colin, Skyler begins to question whether she's qualified enough to attend Rainbow High... After all, Colin helped her build her portfolio. Shocked, Ruby helps Skyler realize her incredible talent & artistry and gives her the ultimate breakup makeover that leaves everyone at the dance SPEECHLESS! Let's be honest, Skyler's killer runway skills got her into Rainbow High, NOT a silly boy 💁‍♀️ December 11, 2020
7 Bella's Night Out Episode 7.jpeg Broadway set designer Ramona Barnes is looking for a Summer intern, and Bella knows she'd be the PERFECT match! However, the application requires Bella to submit an example of a set design, and Rainbow High FORBIDS students to photograph their school work. Heartbroken, Jade takes Bella on the most magical tour of Rainbow High to cheer her up! ✨ December 25, 2020
8 Enter Amaya RH EP8.jpg It's Amaya Raine's first day at Rainbow High and she's already dazzling her runway group with her fabulous designs! ✨ Sunny is taking Amaya under her wing, introducing her to our girls, and welcoming her to their Dorm Sweet Dorms! But what will happen when she ends up face to face with Bella? Will Amaya's first impression with her runway group lead to MORE drama?! January 8, 2021
9 Amaya's Discovery E9 Amaya's Discovery Thumbnail.jpg It's Amaya's first day at Rainbow High & the vibe is off! Will Amaya be able to impress her runway group with her fabulous fashions? Or will Sunny be her only friend at Rainbow High? 😱 January 22, 2021
10 Bring On Rainbow Cheer E10 Bring On Rainbow Cheer Thumbnail.jpeg Ms. Wright has a special challenge for our favorite Rainbow High freshman... to design new uniforms for the Rainbow High Cheerleading Squad! Will they rise to the challenge or flop under the pressure?! 😱 February 5, 2021
11 Going Viral E11GoingViralThumb.jpg Violet’s about to hit 1 MILLION views on her new video! But… it’s a video of Bella getting EXPELLED from Rainbow High! Bella’s pretty upset to have her worst moment EVER all over the internet, but Violet’s not getting the picture. Time for Jade & Ruby to give her a taste of her own medicine… February 19, 2021
12 A Dorm With A View E12PHHThumb.jpg Poppy’s feeling WAY homesick, and her friends are here to help! Project Pep-Up Poppy is on! 🧡🦋 March 5, 2021
13 Shining Star E13ShiningStarThumb.jpg Krystal Bailey, editor-in-chief of The Scene (Rainbow High’s OFFICIAL magazine) wants to give one of our girls a feature article AND the front cover! Who’s gonna get the spot?? 😱 March 19, 2021
14 All About Aidan E14AAAThumb.jpg Rainbow High’s star quarterback is injured, and Aidan is IN as backup! Does he have what it takes to carry the team? April 9, 2021
15 Amaya's Time Amaya's Time thumbnail.jpg Secret’s out—Amaya is definitely crushing on River Kendall 💁‍♀️ Will she finally work up the courage to ask him out? 😍 April 23, 2021
16 The Runway Run-Through Wreck The Runway Run-Through Wreck thumbnail.jpg The Rainbow High girls WERE all set and ready for their last rehearsal before their big fashion show, BUT Amaya uttered the forbidden words you absolutely CANNOT say at Rainbow High! YIKES! The girls’ bad luck gets TOTALLY out of control, and their rehearsal is a DISASTER! Can they pull it together before the big show?! 🌩💔 May 7, 2021
17 Fashion Fates Fiasco Thumbnail episode 17.jpg STOP THAT RACK!! Amaya is sprinting all over Rainbow High to put the finishing touches on the girl’s runway looks! Can she pull everything together before the curtain goes up?! May 21, 2021
18 The Final Runway Show E18TFRS-Thumb.jpg Take your seats, Rainbow High 🌈 It’s time for the FIRST YEAR FASHION SHOW. They’re leaving it all on the runway—or else. June 11, 2021

Season 2

Episode No. Episode Name Video Plot Airdate
1 Welcome Back, Bella! 2-1.png It's Bella's first day back at Rainbow High! New roommates, new semester, new drama! 😱 July 16, 2021
2 BFF Blowup! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8jS-xcYiDw It hasn't been that long since the girls aced their first runway project as a team, but tensions are already running high! Could they be in danger of breaking up? 😱 July 30, 2021
3 The Jett Dawson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7SS1nIAQ10 Can the fashion first years keep up with Jett Dawson's high standards? August 13, 2021
4 The Rainbow High Crest Quest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcSfxqD2zJY Violet is trying out for a spot to write for The Scene, Rainbow High’s school magazine! 💖 Her first assignment is “The History of The Rainbow High Crest”—lame history lesson, or EPIC ADVENTURE?! 😉 August 27, 2021
5 Drama Audition Drama! [[1]] Attention Rainbow High!! Laurel and Holly are holding auditions for their amazing, groundbreaking new play! 👏 You can sign up to audition, or sign up for behind-the-scenes – just make sure you choose the RIGHT LIST! 😱 🎭 September 10, 2021



Many fans believe that Rainbow High is queerbaiting with their excessive hints on the relationship between Jade Hunter and Bella Parker. Queerbaiting is defined as "a marketing technique for fiction and entertainment in which creators hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance or other LGBTQ representation". Rainbow High participates in this by continuously hinting at Jade and Bella dating through their interactions in the show and the official Instagram account. For example, their ship name "Jella" has appeared twice in episodes of The Vi Life, and the Instagram often likes and responds to comments about the two with rainbow emojis. The show itself also has many references, with the two of them generally being closer than the others, holding hands, and even going on what seems like a date in Bella's Night Out. Fans hope to see the pair confirmed soon, but until then it remains queerbaiting.


Rainbow High has also been criticized for their lack of racial diversity, especially in Series 1. While Sunny is black and Skyler is racially-ambiguous (non-white), both still have lighter skintones considering the full spectrum of color, and they are often whitewashed in their art or stock photos. The other four girls all have the same white skin with minor variation. Series 2 addressed this problem by adding Karma Nichols (whose skintone is somewhere between Skyler's and Sunny's) and Krystal Bailey, who has the darkest skintone so far. Kia Hart, a special edition doll, also has a skintone in the Skyler/Karma range. However, Kia is yet to be seen on more scenes in the animated series, and Karma has only made minor appearances thus far.

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