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About Rainbow High

The animated series follows 6 girls, Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow in their first year at the #1 visual arts school Rainbow High. They must face the challenges of high school while learning to flaunt their true colors.

Series 1

Meet the girls who bring bold fashion and even bolder drama!

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Series 2

Meet the all new students at Rainbow High!

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Animated Series

Check out the animated series!

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Color, Style, Looks so fly! Buy the all new Walmart Cheer dolls by Rainbow High! 🌈

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My history with emi

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New Dolls That Are Going To Be Released in 2022!

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All my Edits!!!

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Happy 400 pages!

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Rainbow High Drama!

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