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About Rainbow High

The animated series follows 6 girls, Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow in their first year at the #1 visual arts school Rainbow High. They must face the challenges of high school while learning to flaunt their true colors.

Series 4

Meet the new students of Rainbow High!🌈⭐️

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Rainbow Vision

Get ready for competition Shadow High! The Rainbow Divas have already written their Rainbow Vision winner's speech. 🏆🌈

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Rainbow Vision

Neon Shadow is going to rock the stage at tryouts for Rainbow Vision. Is there even any real competition? 🎸🥁

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Animated Series

Check out the new episode out now on YouTube!⚡️

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Rainbow High Characters
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RH Skyler mini.png RH Violet mini.png Stella mini.png Bella mini.png
Karma mini.png River mini.png Krystal mini.png Amaya mini.png
Kia mini.png Avery mini.png Laurel mini.png Holly mini.png
Jett mini.png Daria Mini.png Georgia Mini.png Sheryl Mini.png
Daphne Mini.png Gabriella Mini.png Emi Mini.png Vanessa mini.png
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Robin mini.png Mila-mini.png Meena-mini.png Delilah-mini.png
Jewel-mini.png Coco-mini.png Lila-mini.png

Pacific Coast High Characters
Rainbow-high-margot-de-perla-th.png Rainbow-high-simone-summers-th.png Rainbow-high-finn-rosado-th.png Rainbow-high-harper-dune-th.png
Rainbow-high-hali-capri-th.png Rainbow-high-phaedra-westward-th.png Sabrina mini.png Ayesha mini.png
Meline mini.png

Shadow High Characters
Shadow-high-natasha-th.png Shadow-high-heather-th.png Shadow-high-ash-th.png Shadow-high-nicoles-th.png
Shadow-high-lunam-th.png Shadow-high-shanelle-th.png Shadow-high-naomi-th.png Shadow-high-veronica-th.png
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What school do the K-Pop girls go to?

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My Rainbow High Bio!

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Wait A Second... Another Passage?

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My Rainbow High outfit

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Georgia In Two Places At The Same Time??

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Latest News for Rainbow High, Pacific Coast High and Shadow High

- Sabrina St. Cloud, Meline Luxe, and Ayesha Sterling are the new Rainbow Vision DISCOSTARS (Divas) dolls! Artwork and names have been revealed.

- Harley Limestone, Mara Pinkett and Uma Vanhoose are the new Rainbow Vision ELECTRIC ROCKSTARS (Neon Shadow) dolls! Artwork and names for them have also been revealed.

- RHxSH Pop-up event has concluded! The event released Ainsley Slater and The Storm Twins before being widely available in retail stores.

- Mila Berrymore and Delilah Fields make their animated series debut in the episode Rainbow Vision Rifts "Audition Begins".

- Tiara Song, Aisha, and Harley all make an animated debut in the episode, Out of the Shadows.

Latest Episode

Audition Begins.jpeg
Rainbow Vision Rifts “Audition Begins”
About the Animated Series


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