Series 1 is the first Rainbow High doll line, featuring the 6 main characters of the animated series, along with the characters Amaya Raine and Avery Styles. This line was officially released to stores on July 26th, 2020.


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Dolls descriptions

  • Collect the Rainbow of fashion dolls with Rainbow High™. They have gorgeous features and beautiful hair.
    • Ruby Anderson™ is dressed in red from head to toe.
    • Poppy Rowan™ is dressed in orange from head to toe.
    • Sunny Madison™ is dressed in yellow from head to toe.
    • Jade Hunter™ is dressed in green from head to toe.
    • Skyler Bradshaw™ is dressed in blue from head to toe.
    • Violet Willow™ is dressed in purple from head to toe.
  • She comes with 2 complete outfits. Dress her in each look, then mix & match.
    • Ruby's style is streetwear chic with a look that's totally fire. She comes with a sparkle tee, crop tops, gold painted jeans, heels, hat, jacket and more.
    • Poppy has a fresh, hip style with butterfly details. She comes with a statement puffy coat, two skirts, a crop top, sweatshirt, heels and more. And her butterfly boots are too fly for words.
    • Sunny's quirky-cute style makes all her BFFs smile. She comes with a sparkly dress, two jackets, rainbow socks, sparkly jeans and more! And her golden rainbow platform shoes are next level.
    • Jade has an edgy, original look that always stands out. She comes with a puffy jacket, two tees, graffiti shorts, tracksuit, sneakers and more.
    • Skyler has a classic style with denim and a little sparkle. She comes with a denim crop top and skirt, denim jacket dress, dress, cute socks, heels and more.
    • Violet has glam, luxe style because she's always in the spotlight. She comes with two red-carpet-ready dresses, a faux fur coat, a jacket and showstopping heels.
  • She's fully articulated and posable. Her arms and legs bend for so many glamorous poses.
  • PRO TIP: When first unboxing doll, wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush.
  • Includes fashion doll, 2 complete outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, hairbrush, 2 hangers and a doll stand.
  • Collect all 6 – Ruby Anderson™, Poppy Rowan™, Sunny Madison™, Jade Hunter™, Skyler Bradshaw™ & Violet Willow™

  • 5-in-1 Hair Play: Colorful Hair Creams, Glitter, Ombré Hair Chalk, Style Accessories, For You & Your Doll
  • Create beautiful rainbow hair for you and your doll.
  • Includes exclusive doll, Amaya Raine. Her gorgeous, extra-long platinum hair with silver accents has a peek-a-boo rainbow underneath. She has glam rainbow outfit with a cute top and skirt, translucent jacket, star earrings and showstopping boots.
  • Add color to doll's hair, then easily wash out to give her new styles again and again. Washable hair color for kids, too!
  • PRO TIP: When first unboxing doll, wash her hair thoroughly to remove gel and let hair dry completely. Then, she's ready for a rainbow makeover.
  • Includes: fully articulated fashion doll, outfit, pair of boots, pair of earrings, 4 hair color creams, glitter hair gel, ombré hair chalk, hair brush, 5 hairpins and doll stand.

  • Create beautiful rainbow hair with hair color foam for you and your doll in the Rainbow High Salon playset.
  • Rainbow salon sink is a real hair washing station that sprays water. Add water to create foam or use the sink to wash your doll's hair.
  • Mix foam powder and activator with water from the sink to create a rainbow of hair color foams.
  • Use the included brush to add bold color to your dolls’ hair and your hair!
  • Washable color is easy to rinse and repeat, so you can create rainbow looks again and again.
  • Includes: working rainbow salon sink, salon chair, 5 foam activator bottles, 5 foam powders, 1 hair glitter, 1 tint brush, 1 spoon, 1 bowl and 1 hairbrush.
  • Doll sold separately.

  • Includes FREE Exclusive doll, Avery Styles. Avery is the glam fashion designer that everyone looks up to at Rainbow High. And her Fashion Studio features so many stunning fashions to create the perfect look for runway class.
  • Create 300+ looks! Rainbow High Fashion Studio includes a rainbow of fashions (doll clothes and doll accessories) that you can mix & match to create 300+ glamorous looks.
  • Doll is fully articulated and posable. Her arms and legs bend for so many glamorous poses.
  • PRO TIP: When first unboxing doll, wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush.
  • Includes 2 Sparkly Wigs – one glittering rainbow wig and one luxe hot pink wig. Change Avery's wigs to totally change up her look. Or style her without a wig, because she has a cute pixie cut underneath.


  • February 24th, 2020: Prototypes of the 6 main characters' dolls are revealed during Toy Fair.
  • June 26th, 2020: New prototype pictures are leaked, including first prototype picture of the salon playset.
  • June 28th, 2020: First official stock pictures are revealed.
  • July 26th, 2020: The dolls are released.
  • September 2020: Avery Styles' doll and fashion studio is released.


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  • At some point the Series 1 dolls were rereleased with thinner hair, different face molds, and slightly different makeup. Poppy had a different freckle pattern in Wave 2 as well.
  • Amaya’s Series 1 doll’s packaging was changed to include instructions saying to wash her hair before using the hair products.
  • Most clothes worn by the girls are inspired by real-life trendy clothes.
    • Ruby's "Sparkle" shirt is a reference to the brand Supreme.
    • Ruby's second pair of shoes is inspired by Vetements "Black Flame Platform Leather Ankle Boots".
    • Ruby's jacket is inspired by the brand Balenciaga.
    • Ruby's jacket is inspired by the brand Off-White.
    • Poppy's first pair of shoes is inspired by Sophia Webster "Chiara Butterfly Heels".
    • Poppy's second pair of shoes is inspired by Off-White "For Walking Boots".
    • Sunny's first pair of shoes is inspired by Gucci "Peggy Rainbow Platform Leather Sneakers".
    • Jade's "Anti Sparkle Sparkle Club" is a reference to the brand Anti Social Social Club.
    • Jade's first pair of shoes is inspired by Nike "Air More Uptempo Sneakers".
    • Jade's second pair of sneakers is inspired by Gucci "Flashtrek Sneakers".
    • Jade's beanie, shorts, and overall look is inspired by the singer Billie Eilish and her merch.
    • Skyler's jacket, shirt, belt, and first pair of shoes are inspired by the brand Off-White.
    • Amaya's jacket is inspired by Wanda Nylon "Transparent Colorblock Raincoat".
    • Amaya's boots are inspired by Moschino "Logo Lettering Leather Boots".
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